What is liberatiarts:

"liberatiarts.com & a-mantova.com " is the result of an idea born some years ago, precisely in June 1997 :
getting to know, through the internet web places and aspects of Mantua and its Province that are not so well known. As Liberatiarts was conceived there were no websites about Mantua, the "Rete Civica" the public Organisation of the town, had other preferences and considerations. The tourist information office, was not in the Web net.
Before the local newspaper "Gazzetta di Mantova" was on line, there were just some sites by providers, commercial activities and industries, but other information about our town was not provided just the standard information about the famous museums, giving opening times and entrance fees.
In order to provide a little more information, in an independent way by myself, a site dedicated to the town was created: "La mia Mantova" using a free provider. After the gratifying success, (190.000 real visitors in just two years, with thanks from all over the world) I decided to continue with the same philosophy I took a dominium (for speed and convenience in the registration .com) enlarging the topics about the town, showing the positive aspects but also the difficulties. 
Simplicity and immediacy were my aims, with little interest in "special effects". I have considered an easy and clear content with the support of many pictures and a short historical-artistic description. Showing Mantua the city of arts especially to those who cannot come, aspects known and less known, but therefore not less important, that was important to me. I will leave the judgement to the visitors…. and I hope you will leave a short comment, a criticism, and why not … a small gift that will give a bonus to my efforts. 
Thank you from "all" the staff…. alias me, Pietro!

Whoever is tuned in with this idea could contribute with suggestions, materials, news, photos or anything helpful contacting me by    
or phone Italy:(+39)  333 2424578



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