2009 a free parking odyssey:

At long last! Mantova is at the top of National statistics, even if we certainly had liked not to!! It turned out there's a car place in 14.8 inhabitants while the national average is one in 50! Below you find the streets (vie) or areas where parking is free and except illicit or last minute mind changes of public administrators, --it's even possible for camper vans a non equipped stay  (there isn't specific prohibition)

Mantua has more or less an extension of 1,5 kms, and to find free a parking place in center is impossible almost. The suggestion is to park in the area of Te Palace or in the external avenues and to take a walk toward the center or can be taken the bus n1 
         LOCATION       MAP          SITUATION during the day   


Campo canoe On the shore of the lake in front of the castle,
 to 1,2 Kms of Ducal Palace
attention to the height - Risk in the evening

Porta Mulina right side direction: VERONA -> MANTOVA


Viale Mincio, right hand side direction Porta Mulina to -> S.Giorgio

   Risk in the evening

Avenue Risorgimento

 from 2009 to payment
cost least  euro 0,80 for 1 hour,

Avenue della Repubblica

 from 2009 to payment
cost least  euro 0,80 for 1 hour,

Avenue  Isonzo

 from  2009 to payment
cost least  euro 0,80 for 1 hour,

Square Porta Cerese (among avenue Isonzo and Risorgimento 

   Entry from Avenue  Isonzo bus stop for the center, in avenue Risorgimento to 50 meters -Te Palace 500 mt.

Square Ragazzi del '99 -Te Palace
area of football arena -Bocciofila (Feb. and March  over occupied by the Luna park+Saturday for football

  Scarcely used, excellent for visits to Te Palace, bus stop for the center, in avenue Risorgimento to 100 meters

Square Anconetta

  Centre ( only day)Risk in the evening
(Sordello Square only 600 meters away .) 

Square Virgiliana

  illicit parking helper. Risk in the evening
Attention to the prohibition of transit and the spaces reserved to the residents

Square Gramsci  ex gas stations

from  2009 to payment
cost least  euro 0,80 for 1 hour,

Square dei Mille - Santa Paola

only off side and back alleys

Square Mondadori ( only entry from Avenue Piave to -> Av. Nuvolari


Viale Piave

few uncomfortable and dangerous

From the above mentioned streets towards the centre all parking areas, 
limited traffic areas including are at hour-TOLL (LIST). Most capacious parking areas:  

Parcheggio Mondadori
Private, indoor and covered
Square Mondadori
open time 00 -  24
 1 hour =1,50
  24 hour = 8,00


  Parcheggio Mazzini info@apcoa.it

Private, indoor and covered
 street Mazzini center
info: 0376 321607-3487012887

almost every 
Thursday complete

Garage Centrale
Opening times 8.00 - 20.00
Closed on Saturday - Sunday, and Holiday
Private, indoor and covered
Avenue Vittorio Emanuele, 59 center - info: 0376 221439 
cost least  euro 2,00 for  60 minute, every following hour   1.50

   D'Arco Square (85)

Same name square,
outdoor center           

cost least
  euro 0,80
for 1 hour,
  every following hour    1.03 
without limits of time


 S. Giovanni Square (58)

Same name square, 
outdoor center             

 Part of Mondadori Square (95)


  Parking Gonzaga (100)
  Wide VV.FF. Arche Square

Lake-front Gonzaga, outdoor 
   (only during the day   )

 Pesenti Square (USL)(90)  Same name square
Entry to Mulina & Trento street

 In the next month changer are scheduled look up the "devilish machines"

  IN ALL PARKING AREAS (out of ZTL), BETWEEN: 13.00 AND 14.30 PARKING IS FREE (to be sure, read instruction placed on front or side of the "money-eater"

It's possible to buy a temporary ZTL parking and transit permit directly from Vigili Urbani, 
minimum cost for 30 minute 3,00. maximum time 2 hours 

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